I know and always feel there isn't one truth. This notion strongly influences the way I live, how I make decisions. To constantly stop and think: what would 'the other' think, feel. What other way(s) of looking at it are there? That same question I keep asking myself as an artist.

In my work I bring the idea of truth back to one place or object. By looking over and over again at that same object, I discover new forms, light, structure. In series of paintings and drawings I depict these. Zooming in and out. At different moments of the day. Adding, removing. Big, small. Paint, pencil.

Slowly a whole series develops. Elements of one painting are used in the next. Disappear again. I study other artist I admire. Or detest. Because there isn't one truth, one way of portraying things. There's just struggle. A struggle to depict a reality which does not exist. A struggle with the material on paper or canvas.


10-2013// Kunst Nonstop
About crowdfunding a dream of mine by selling my art (Dutch).

11-2012// Mutantspace
"Reiken's still life paintings are traditional yet distinctly contemporary."

02-2012// Arthound
Kate Singleton's art crush.

09-2011// Mister Motley
Post by Heske ten Kate.

07-2011// Mister Motley
Irene de Craen visited the AKI graduation exhibition
and mentioned my work alongside some highly
admired colleagues of mine.


10-2010// Escape Into Life (EIL)
Lives of the Artists on EIL.

A painting of mine is my visualization of an effort to come to grips with a reality, a room, a still live, an object, which presented itself to me. And hopefully this painting or drawing is able to evoke new truths for those who look at it. That way the circle is round: even the result of my artistic process means different things to different people.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Erna Reiken
Waterdriebladlaan 67 7534 KA Enschede (NL)
t +31 (0)624 978 220 m erna@reiken.nl